What are you doing to manage your customer database online?

Do you have an email newsletter? How do you manage the database? What information are you capturing about your customers? Let me guess, just the email address. Or maybe the name and email address. If Yes, in some ways you’re right. The fewer fields you ask people to fill in, the less drop off you will get (customers starting to enter their information and then dropping off and not completing). But are you asking for such a small amount of information that you can’t ascertain any real insights from the data?

Customer or Email database segmentation is an important part of online marketing

Segmenting your customer email database is important to target them with relevant content and promotions

If you have an ecommerce online business, you might ask your users to log in. What information do you require for them to become a valued member? Hopefully their full address for location based marketing and promotions as well as their phone number so that you can contact them in the event that something might go wrong with their purchase. But you can also offer them personalised content upon login, at the very minimum, greet them by name and show a log of their previous activity.

The whole point of a database, be it an email subscription list, a customer database or a prospect database, is to be able to communicate with them and hopefully retain them as a loyal customer. If all you know about them is their email address, it makes it hard to talk to them on any personal level and give them information that they are looking for.

Online marketing allows you to do a couple of really important things in relation to your customer database.

1. Allows you to personalise email and website content to your users preferences so that you are always communicating a message or offer or sale that is relevant to them as an individual

2. Allows you to measure and track their behaviour and gain valuable insight into what products, services and content your users are viewing, clicking on and engaging with

3. Capturing personal details (through forms, surveys, polls etc) that will give you a good idea about who your customers are, what products and/ or services they are buying from you, if they are happy and what they want.

So, if you’re not doing or at least planning on doing at least one of these three easy online marketing initiatives, get started today.