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The Seven Sins of Facebook Lead Gen

It seems that every charity with a regular giving program wants to use Facebook advertising to increase their supporter base and generate new RG leads. We’ve all seen the success stories at conferences – but the flops don’t get the same exposure. So when F&P asked me to share our insights I rounded up the most regular offenders to compile the Seven Sins of Facebook Lead Gen.

  1. Not maintaining the conversation 
    With the right ad (and sometimes a very wrong ad) you’ll get a lot of comments and reactions to your ads from the community. If supporters and prospective donors take the time...

A Little Inspiration

Every now and again I feel a little overwhelmed with digital. While an amazing space to innovate, sometimes, like with any other platform, the churn and burn can feel mundane and run-of-the-mill. And having worked in the space for almost 10 years now, while I’ve seen a lot change, some tried and tested things still remain, and can start to feel a little stagnant.

But really, the digital landscape is so vast and ever-changing, that the sky is truly the limit. The only thing ever really stopping us is lack of imagination (and perhaps resources and budgets in some instances…).


Impact on Charities using Facebook for Lead Generation

Facebook has made changes to its Newsfeed algorithm - it WILL affect your campaigns for Lead Gen, Donations and Advocacy

Because of you, Parachute Digital is best known for Donor Acquisition and Lead Generation - mostly charities use it for RG and cash conversion, as well as more people for campaign actions.

We design a strategy and help you create data capture mechanisms that connect people who care about your cause, to your organisation. Facebook is a big part of how we can find the person whose values match your organisation’s work.

The perks of being an International Speaker on Digital Fundraising

Being asked to speak at an international conference is a thrill AFP Fundraising Congress Toronto

I’ve just come back from speaking at the Toronto Fundraising Congress conference in Canada.

It was a real compliment to be asked to speak about Digital storytelling and donor journeys - but what hadn’t even occurred to me and was the biggest thrill was getting to meet some true fundraising greats and non-profit pioneers.

Some I knew of, others I became aware of their reputation and experience at many networking dinners, chats in the...

So You Think You Need To Be Social?

I’ve got a confession to make. Even though at Parachute Digital I am the bread and butter that will create and hold your social social-media-optionsmedia marketing campaign together, I don’t have a personal Facebook account. Nope, deactivated it almost a year ago.

The choice was hard – everybody and their uncle is on Facebook, after all – but the right one for me. Because while it’s an amazing, pervasive, community for communicating and sharing, it was too vast and impersonal for me, and not the right place for what I needed personally....

Givers Gain is my Philosophy

life-one-timeTo bring Social Change

For those reading this blog for the first time, I'm Shanelle Newton Clapham, and I built my business on the philosophy of "giver's gain".
I believe that we should give without expectation of return. So I try to be generous with my knowledge and my time. If asked for advice or an opinion, I give a full and honest response. I try to give away the best of me - my time, my love, my information for free. Because I believe that people who give ultimately gain in the...

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