What makes a good donation page in 2019?

Speedier & optimised donation experience

More payment options

Savvier across digital platforms and acquiring digital audiences

Better at showing the need and telling our stories

We’re back with a new approach

After a successful, first-of-its-kind Website Donation Pages Research Report in 2016, we decided it was times for a refresh.

With version 2.0 in 2019, we’ve simplified the research to let the donation data do all the talking:

giving icon We made a $20 donation to 60 orgs
international icon We went international
 We benchmarked against 49 points of criteria
 We ranked all orgs in a scorecard against these criteria
 We had access to donation data from major organisations to back up our observations


3 years on – The good & the bad

The report maps out the digital donation experience donors are getting in Australia, against supporter expectations, how we were performing 3 years ago, and our international counterparts.

The good news? We’re doing a lot better since 2016 – acquiring more audiences, getting the ask right, and giving an optimised, faster donation experience.

The bad news? We’re still not donor-centric, conversion and projected revenue is down, and we still haven’t gotten some key things from 2016 right.

How does your organisation rank?

Download to read the full report and the 6 actionable steps you can take right now to improve your donation page – and get supporters to give more and the scorecard to see where & how the top organisations rank.

Download Donation Pages Research 2019